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  • Technology and Property Management

    Hiring a property management company should make your life easier, but you shouldn’t check out completely since it’s a good idea keep an eye on your investments. Finding a company that offers features like online access to real-time data on your rental properties can make it incredibly simple to be both fully involved and hands-off at the same time. Nathan Miller is the founder of Rentec Direct, a cloud based software company that services the landlord and property management [...]

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    5 Powerful Reasons to Utilize a Rental Property Manager

    Renting out property might look manageable, but if you do not reasonably know what you are undertaking, working with a rental property management professional can save you a great deal of time and stress. Here are the top five arguments to use a rental property manager. 1. Rental property managers are experts in their field and they know the best ways to administer your residential property effectively. A really good property manager will take in your rent, cover the day to day maintenance and [...]

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    Tenant Screening in Houston , TX

    Properly screening tenants is one of the most important things you can do as a landlord. The type of tenant you place in your home will have a huge impact on the success of your rental property. Good tenants will pay rent on time every month, help to maintain your property and fulfill the terms of their lease. Bad tenants can cause damage to your property, pay late and cause problems for you and your investment. Credit and Financial Checks Every good landlord will run a credit check. While you [...]

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    Do I Need a Rental Property Management Company?

    Whether you are considering your first rental property or just closed on your 50th, you have many decisions to make relating to how you will manage your investment. Keep that pink bathroom or tear it out? Update the landscaping yourself or hire help? One of the questions you may not have considered is whether or not to hire a property manager. Many investors (both new and experienced) are hesitant to hand over any of their cash flow to a property manager, but this is one expense that can save [...]

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    Investment Property Make or Break Tips

    1. Let’s talk taxes If you’re not careful, property taxes can sneak up and bite you. Every dollar that you have to pay cuts directly into your bottom line. And because taxes are assessed annually and rates change from year to year, they are easily overlooked in the big picture of profit and loss. When considering an investment property, take into consideration the county in which you purchase. Each county in Houston determines it’s own tax rate based upon how much revenue they [...]

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